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Zombie Shooting Games

Play Zombie Shooting games. This collection of zombie games is focused on one thing and one thing only………Shooting zombies.  If it’s a game where your only mission is too shoot as many zombies as possible, odd’s are you’ll find it here.  These zombie games focus less on strategy and more on violence, shooting and guns.  So grab your rifle because it’s time to hunt down some zombie scum.

Zombie Takedown

Play Zombie Takedown a first person shooter zombie game to play online. Play level after level of shooting wave's of zombies in th [...]

Zombie Battlefield

Play Zombie Battlefield, a zombie shooting defence game. It's been 5 years since the zombie uprising. Those that survived have mad [...]

I Kill Zombies

Play I Kill Zombies, a fun zombie shooting game. It's halloween night and after an eerie fog roll's through the city, you become a [...]


Play Night of Zombies, an online zombie first person shooting game. In this game, you find yourself in a graveyard at night. The d [...]

Zombies Sniper

Play Zombie Sniper. In this game, you are a soldier in charge of guarding a top secret biomedical research facility working on bio [...]

Zombie Strike 2

Play Zombie Strike 2, a first person zombie shooting game. In this game, you find yourself at an abandoned farm, until you realize [...]

Zombie Action Games

Play Zombie Action games.  Here is where you will find all of the best and fun action packed zombie games.  If it’s high octane action you are looking for, this is the category to find those action based zombie games.  Choose from our collection of the most exciting zombie games you’ll find on the web.

Zombie Waster

Play Zombie Waster, a quick and simple zombie game to play online. You're just a simple redneck farmer living in the country until [...]

Nazi Zombies

Play Nazi Zombies. in this game, you play as a Special Forces Op, deep in the heart of Germany during World War 2. Your mission wa [...]

Zombies In The Shadow ..

Play Zombies in The- Shadow - The Saviour 2, a fun zombie game packed with tons of action. In this game, you play as Jim. After th [...]

Tequila Zombies 2

Play Tequila Zombies 2. A Zombie action game in which you can play as 1 of 2 characters trying to fight off the invading zombies c [...]

Trucking Zombies

Play Trucking Zombies, a fun zombie game. In this game, scientists have discovered the cure for baldness. However, there is one na [...]

Zombo Buster

Play Zombo Buster, a fun zombie strategy game to play online. In this game, you are part of an elite squad put together after the [...]

Mobile Zombie Games

Play Zombie games on your smartphone or tablet.  In this category you will find the top zombie games that can be played on your mobile device.  These zombie games are playable on your desktop as well, but these are the only games on Zombie Game Room that will work with your mobile tablet or phone.  So if you’re on the go and have a hankering to kill some zombies, try out this collection of mobile games.

Immortals Siege

Play Immortals Siege, a tower defence style zombie game. In this simple and easy game, you play as the king of a castle. All is we [...]

Zombie Demolisher 2

Play Zombie Demolisher 2, a fun zombie physics game like Angry Birds. In this game, you will play a level where you have to throw [...]

Zombie Apocalypse

Play Zombie Apocalypse. In this game, the world has been over run with brain eating zombies. You are all alone, held up in your bu [...]

Zombie Getaway

Play Zombie Getaway. In this zombie game, you find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Surrounded by the undead, you ha [...]


PixZombies is a fun Zombie Smasher type arcade game with a basic concept, smash zombies! Each level has a horde of zombies moving [...]

Zombie Invasion

Play Zombie Invasion, a zombie survival game.  In this game, you must shoot the oncoming zombie horde.  Just be sure you don't sho [...]

Zombie Arcade Games

Play Zombie Arcade games.  Here you will find all kinds of fun zombie games to play online.  All the zombie games in this category are built in the stye of classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s.  So if you’re looking for retro styled gaming, this is where you will find it.

Gangsta Gangster Vs ..

Play Gangsta Gangster Vs Zombies, a side scrolling zombie action game. In this game you play as a Gangsta whose turf has been take [...]

Zombies Dead Land

Play Zombies Dead Land, a side scrolling, fun zombie game to play online. In this game you are part of an elite Zombie killing squ [...]

Zombie Soccer

Zombie Soccer is a strange sports based zombie game in which you play as any of the premiere Soccer teams against a team of....... [...]

Zombie Fight Club

Play Zombie Fight Club, a MMA inspired zombie fighting game. In this game, you must pick a zombie, decide what power ups to give h [...]

Zombie vs Pinball

Play Zombie vs Pinball. A fun zombie themed pinball game to play online. To play use your keyboard to control the pinball game. Z/ [...]

State of Zombies 2

Play State of Zombies 2, a fun zombie arcade game. In this game you must make your way through the city and complete 30 levels kil [...]

Zombie Dress Up Games

Play Zombie Dress Up Games.  If you love playing dress up games and girl games, why not try out some zombie dress up games?  Here you will find all the best zombie themed dress up games for you to play online.  Get ready to dress up some zombies, because even the undead can be fashionable!

Zombie Girl Dress Up

Play Zombie Girl Dress Up, a zombie game to play online. In this game, you can either dress the girl up as a zombie or a zombie hu [...]

Zombie Turned Bride

Play Zombie Turned Bride, a dress up game for girls. This young bride was supposed to get married, but unfortunately she died. How [...]

Zombie Wedding

Play Zombie Wedding, a zombie themed dress up game. Who says Zombies can't get married? In this game, you must dress up this zombi [...]

Rapunzel Zombie Curse

Play Rapunzel Zombie Curse, a zombie makeover game to play online. In this game, poor princess Rapunzel has turned into a zombie a [...]

Elsa Zombie Makeover

Play Elsa Zombie Makeover, a makeover game for girls. In this game you must turn Frozen Princess Elsa from a zombie, back into the [...]

Ariel Zombie Curse

Play Ariel Zombie Curse, a zombie girl dress up game. In this game, Princess Ariel is looking to become human, but gets tricked in [...]

Escape Room Games

Play Zombie Escape Room games. Games of strategy and skill. If you like escape room games, these are the games for you.

Zombie Escape

Play Zombie Escape, a simple point and click zombie escape room game. In this game, you find yourself locked in a room with a zomb [...]

Escape The Abandoned City

Play Escape The Abandoned City, a new spin on the escape room game. After the Zombie virus has spread throughout your home town, y [...]

Escape From Abandoned ..

Play Escape From Abandoned Zombies Room, a fun escape room game. You have found yourself in an abandoned hospital in the middle of [...]

Escape From Zombies Room

Play Escape From Zombies Room. A escape room game. In this game, you find yourself inside a cabin, with a girl locked in a cage. T [...]
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